Technology Consulting

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We also offer a range of our distinguished services as a leading organization in management consulting work and studies related to sustainability, innovation, and artificial intelligence.

Sustainability Services

Drafting sustainability reports according to the requirements of the Global Reporting Organization (GRI), Integrated Reporting (IR), Reports of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), Reporting to the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) reports, Oil and Gas Services Industry Standards - Extraction and Minerals Operations, Social Responsibility, Environment, and Governance (ESG) reports, Transparency reports for Oil, Gas and Mining Companies (EITI), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports and consultations related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Services

Providing advice and assistance about innovation and artificial intelligence, as the artificial intelligence market is still witnessing a state of continuous development, with the concentration of innovations occupying their position at the top of the rising curve of the innovation index which includes marketing surveys (opinion polls) and moving artificial intelligence projects from the concept stage to the production stage, allowing reliance on artificial intelligence solutions to solve problems at the enterprise level.


software can assist you in achieving long-term success by assisting you in safeguarding your company's performance and by giving investors, management, regulators, consumers, and other stakeholders with trustworthy communications on internal control and regulatory compliance.
We provide services that help you navigate through the digital complexity to make confident and faster decisions by understanding your strategies, initiatives, processes, and issues related to IT controls, cybersecurity attestation, cloud assurance, certification, contractual compliance, and software asset management. We provide customers, alliances, strategic partners, governments, and authorities with trustworthy communications and assurance on internal control or regulatory compliance.


Target Operating Model (TOM) depicts how the organization should be set up in the future to fulfill its strategy. Using the proper model may assist our customers stay on top of any changes so that they can accomplish their business objectives.


IT audit ensures that existing IT controls protect corporate assets and that IT controls are aligned with the company's broader business objectives. IT auditing in the UAE ensures the correct operation of information-related controls and procedures.


The evaluation service offers you with a complete study of your present environment and the health of your current infrastructure, as well as recommendations for improving your environment's performance and helping you understand how your environment will fulfill your business needs.


Companies should pick an ERP system with caution, and should examine it on a regular basis. The total cost of ownership and how well the system matches with the institution's business needs are highlighted as much as feasible in such an evaluation.


The Configuration Audit is used to inspect the Configuration Item (CI) that represents a product configuration in order to ensure that the design documentation matches the design of the deliverable CI. Our safe configuration audit examines every aspect of your network for security flaws that hackers can use to obtain access.


Organizations must proactively examine the regulatory landscape, contractual responsibilities, and consumer expectations to ensure that their privacy and security procedures are up to date. With data privacy laws continually changing, it's more important than ever for organizations to ensure they're following the rules. Our data privacy services include a variety of solutions to best fit your company's requirements. Our team is well-versed in the procedures required to ensure compliance with a number of data privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). On your journey to compliance and adjusting to the current world of privacy legislation and privacy-aware consumers, software's strategy gives you alternatives and flexibility.

ISO 27001

With software as your trusted partner, you can be certain in attaining and maintaining ISO-27001 certification year after year. Clients that collaborate with us benefit from considerably improved security postures as well as the ability to show this to important stakeholders, such as business-critical customers.

ISO 20000

software can help you with your ISO 20000 implementation project by providing consulting services. We assess your present skills against the benchmark and use our experience to advise and support your company through the transition.

(Limited Experience)

We have limited expertise with data privacy laws, information security, data technology, or cloud strategy. We make sure that every data workflow and contact is safe and secure, and that all privacy requirements are met without jeopardizing business operations.